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My ants

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Hi all,

I own quite a number of different ant species. They are indeed beautiful critters and are amazing in their own way. The species of ants that I own are C. aeneopilosus (Golden tail sugar ants), C.nigriceps (Black headed sugar ants) and Pheidole sp.

I'm looking to catch a Rhytidoponera metallica (Green headed ants), Calomyrmex sp, and hopefully a Myrmecia pyriformis or Myrmecia nigriceps! Lucky for me, green headed ants and Calomyrmex sp nest can be found just at a park near my place.

If you are new to this amazing hobby, have fun learning more about ants and ant keeping! Trust me, it is an awesome and rewarding hobby.

That's all from me now.

Austen Ann



Yes totally agree! Great hobby to get into as long as you have patience! But extremely rewarding!


You are here » Antkeeping 101 » Your species » My ants